ACTIVE DRIVER PLUS M/M 1,5 DAB Inverter For Electric Water Pump

ACTIVE DRIVER PLUS M/M 1,5 DAB Inverter For Electric Water Pump

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Inverter Single-phase for single-phase electric water pump Max 2 HP-1,5 kW max current 11 A

The units with Active Driver were designed and manufactured to meet the needs for constant pressure required by modern plumbing systems.
Constant pressure regulation is applicable to many sectors: Water supply for irrigation , industry, hotels, housing construction, thermal baths.
The basic concept that guided our Engineers in the development of these units was to manufacture a system that is simple, flexible and reliable.
Constant pressure - Quiet operation - Economical - Reduced water consumption - Smaller footprint
(Expansion tanks not required) Less maintenance - Dry-running protection - Complete protection of the pump from faults.
The Active Driver inverter is a pump control device that includes the connections to the hydraulic system, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor, and an
electronic frequency inverter. Active Driver is applied on the delivery of each electric pump, and regulates the rotation speed of the pump it is
connected to, so that the pressure is kept constant in spite of variations in the required flow rate. The water flowing through the Active Driver Plus
connections also contributes to eliminating the heat produced by the internal electric components.
Active Driver orders the pump to start as soon as it detects a request of water. The speed of the pump is (consistently) regulated at the minimum value that
meets the request of the user. This ensures important energy savings. In this set, the second and third pump are activated in cascade when the first pump
reaches the maximum rotation speed.The pump pressure may be adjusted by the user using the + and - buttons on Active Driver (usually all of the pumps
are set at the same pressure level).
The pumps stop automatically when there is:
Pump overload - dry-running - low voltage - Maximum pressure exceeded (adjustable) - Active Driver electronics overheating.
Pump operational frequency (Hz) - Real-time pressure (bar) - Amperes absorbed by the pump - Alarms.
ACTIVE DRIVER EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS (models M/T 2.2 - T/T 3.0 - T/T 5.5 only)
Inputs: pump disabling, pressure switch, float against dry operation, second pressure setpoint.
Outputs: two terminals with no potential for signaling alarms, pump stop, pump running.

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