Automatic Lifting Station Sewage Water GENIX 110 DAB Single-phase

Automatic Lifting Station Sewage Water GENIX 110 DAB Single-phase

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Its use is needful whenever the wastewater coming from the WC, the shower, the washbasin or the bidet cannot be expelled by gravity. GENIX models normally have a front WC connection. The difference in the GENIX WL is the side WC connection, specifically designed for WC wall-mounted installations or where there is no room enough behind the WC. In the model 130, beside the WC, three more lines can be connected, such as shower, washbasin, bidet or bathtub. The models offered stand out for silent running, even more improved in the Comfort version. The pump, powerful and reliable, and the grinding system, with blades in nickel plated stainless steel, make together a long lasting and basically daily maintenance-free product. Extremely easy the maintenance in case of clog or motor blocking, with the possibility to dismount the motor subassembly only operating on two screws, and with the unique discharge tap that will allow a clean, and free of problems, maintenance. In case of blockage, the motor unit can be accessed from the outside, with no need to remove the product. Extraordinary maintenance will be extremely easy, clean and without issues. The installation kit comes with easy-connect fittings adaptable to various pipe sections and including built-in non-return valves Available, as accessories, an acoustic alarm anti-flooding and an adaptor pipe, to adapt the GENIX to a vast majority of existing installations.

CONSTRUCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Tank in Barium 15% polypropylene. In the Comfort version, soundproof shield in Barium 70% polypropylene. Impeller in PPO 30% GF. Motor shaft in stainless steel. Grinding blades in nickel plated stainless steel.

MOTOR CONSTRUCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Asyncronous motor in stainless steel. Shaft and motor sleeve in stainless steel. Thermal protection for overheating. Motor shaft wear resistant.


Measure (L) 230 mm * (A) 450 mm * (P) 600 mm
Weight 11,5 Kg


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